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To The Great One Farewell and God Bless. 06/12/00 9:00 pm
Quaterback Steve Young came to the 49er's on April 24,1987 in a unprecedented trade with the Tampa Bay as a left-handed weirdo. Was he the quarterback of the future or just a 40 million dollar freak from the cast away United States Football League?

So many questions and speculations surrounded this individual and his abilities very few ever gave him the light of day, but then head coach and club president Bill Walsh saw something inside Steve that very few others could spend a lifetime trying to analyze.

I have so many real and dramatic memories of Steve Young so many ther are too many to share on this page, He is to me the very definition of professionalism,improvisation,motivation, and the will to succeed at all costs.

Steve Young is a Two Time Most Valuable Player, a one time Super Bowl MVP and has ben named to seven Pro Bowls.

It may not be a stretch to call Young the best quarterback of all time, better than even the man he replaced Joe Montana.

As author Bob Oates points out in the recently released book "Football in America:Game of the Century", Montana had the advantage of playing in the west coast offense when the 49er's were the only team running it, and the league did not know how to defend it.

When Young came along, defenses were geared up to stop the west coast offense, therefore his tasks at hand were far more formidable than those of Montana.

Young will be remembered for the relentless way he played the game. Combining a running backs speed and aggression with a quarterbacks finesse; He will be remembered for his passion on the field, for his utter fearlessness that sometimes bordered on lunacy.

Young will always be remembered and rightfully so as the Field General in command of the scariest offense there ever was in the tremendous winning streak of the 1990's.

Jan 29,1995 he led the 49er's to a 49-26 rout of San Diego in Super Bowl XXIX by throwing a record six touchdown passes on the way to being named the game's most valuable player.

Overall Young completed 29 of 36 passes for 325 yards, with no interceptions, I can still remember watching footage by NFL Films, Young was seen on the sidelines joking to teammates about"taking the monkey"off his back.

It was his third Super Bowl championship with the 49er's but his first-and only-as their starting quarterback.

This of course was his moment all the skeptics were silenced from here on out as Young had indeed seperated himself as the legitimate heir to the throne of legendary Joe Montana.

Young continued on from here in more winning seasons, divisional, and championship games that continued to redefine what the 49er franchise was all about and that was winning at all costs.

However those costs had consequences and the toil on Steve Young's physical being were overwhelming although he would never confess to them.
They would eventually bring about the conclusion he was ultimately faced with and what he feared so many times and that was the word "retirement", due to potential life threatening injuries.

Steve Young generates admiration and respect from all walks of life with his professional abilities as a football quarterback for 15 years , to his work with well-known charities and his time with children so in need of Young's compassion and character.

Certainly as a 49er enthusiast and faithful fan since 1980, I am so proud and relieved to know that Steve Young will retire from this great game as a 49er forever.

I wish his new family and himself all the best and hope that yes, someday he will consider a option in coming back into the 49er franchise as a executive or in a coaching position.

The 49er's will begin a new era of uncertainty and youthfulness so many positions have been revamped and new faces will be starting in the trenches this year as we prepare to leave behind the era of "The Holy Roman Empire" of the NFL.